About Us

Edulink is an online educational website designed to free students from the worry of finishing homework or completing various assignments. We are a dedicated team of experts who strive daily to easy the pressure experienced in a student’s life. Thus if you, as student are worrying about how to prepare for the next big math test, or which high sounding words fit your essay, visit our site, browse through and leave your worries aside.

Our team of experts, work on quality, giving you the best results within a short period of time. When we render services such as preparation of assignments, a student can be rest assured that the work would the originally produced and unavailable on any kind of search engine. The finished assignment would not be duplicated for any other client/ student seeking our services.

We also provide guidance for students preparing for tests on various subjects. Not only is a student tutored online, but also our mentors are available for one on one interaction.