Math Assignment Help

Mathematics is one of the most useful and fascinating divisions of human knowledge. It originates from Greek meaning inclined to learn.

Branches of mathematics-

Arithmetic-concerns problems with numbers.

Algebra-involves solving equations in which letters represent unknown quantities, also uses negative and imaginary numbers.

Geometry-concerned with the properties and relationship of figures in space.

Analytical Geometry-relates geometry and algebra. It provides a way to represent an algebraic equation as a line or curve on a graph.

Trigonometry-deals with the relations between sides and angles of triangles. It is used by astrologers, navigators, surveyors to calculate angles and distances when direct measurement is impossible.

Calculus-involves motion and changing quantities. Used in physics, engineering and other sciences.

Analysis-involves mathematical operations with infinite quantities.

Probability-is the mathematical study of the likelihood of events and determines the chance of an uncertain event occurrence.

Statistics-is the collection and analysis of large bodies of data to identify trends and overall patterns. Statistics provide information to government, business and science.

Set Theory-deals with the nature and relations of sets that are a collection of items/numbers/ideas/objects.

Logic-deals with rules of correct reasoning developed into symbolic logic, which is a formal system of reasoning that uses mathematical symbols and methods.

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