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SCIENCE covers the broad field of knowledge that deals with facts and the relationships among those facts. It comes from the Latin word scientia meaning knowledge. Science differs from other fields of knowledge as the scientific progress depends on new ideas expanding or replacing old ones. Science and its study have changed our lives in the most dramatic ways.

Science can be divided into 4 groups-

  1. Mathematics and logic
  2. Physical sciences (astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, meteorology)
  3. Life sciences (botany and zoology)
  4. Social sciences (anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, sociology)

BiologyAlso referred to as the life sciences, is the study of living organisms.

Traditionally biology is divided into 2 major fields- Botany deals with plants and Zoology with animals.

  • Botany- Is the study of plants.

Plants maintain a living environment and the added demand of plant products such as food, fibers, drugs and dyes makes it essential to study and contribute to our understanding of the world.

A Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus developed a binomial system of nomenclature in which plants were named in 2 parts, first is the genus/group followed by the species/kind.

  • Zoology- Is the study of animals and how different species evolve and relate to one another.

Zoological research and study has led to a better understanding of the animal life and dealing with it.

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